Certified Construction Product Representative (CCPR)

Certified Construction Product Representative (CCPR) is a resource called upon by the design team for technical and procedural information.  :The certification verifies an understanding all phases of the construction documentation, roles and responsibilities of all participants, make effective sales calls and presentations, and key parts of product documentation in binders and on websites.

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Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA)

Certified Construction Contract Administration (CCCA) certification identifies the ability to develop, administer and enforce construction documentation. These skills include quality assurance, quality control, bidding and negotiating procedures, construction observation and inspection, administration of Division 01 - General Requirements, General and Supplemental Conditions, agreements, and other documents related to the project.

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Certified Construction Specifier (CCS)

Certified Construction Specifier (CCS) is a skilled product researcher who knows how to investigate and identify cost-effective, efficient solutions, and communicate those solutions through the specifications. This includes having an in-depth understanding of agreements, conditions of the contract, Division 01 - General Requirements, and their relationships to technical specifications.  Additionally this identify's advanced skills in specification development, that enable the use of specification writing software and the understanding of how to research and source products

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Construction Documents Technologist (CDT)

CSI's CDT program has provided foundation training in construction documentation for architects, contractors, contract administrators, specifiers, and manufacturers' representatives for decades. As the cornerstone of CSI's certification program, it's also prerequisite to CSI's advanced certification exams: 

*    Certified Construction Specifier (CCS)

*    Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA)

*    Certified Construction Product Representative (CCPR) certification

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