​​Sacramento Chapter


1955    Walter E. Lord, AIA, CSI
             Architect: Private practitioner and founder of the Chapter.
1956    James R. Liske, AIA, CSI
             Architect and Partner: Cox-Liske and Associates (Lionakis); Chapter founder.
1957    Rolf T. Retz, Hon. FCSI
            Chief Specifications Writer:  State of California and founder of the Chapter.
1958    George F. Winslow, FCSI
            Architect/Specifications Writer: California State Highway Division.
1959    Clifford C. Jay, AIA, CSI
             Principal Architect: University of California, Davis.
1960    William P. Vickers, AIA, FCSI
             Architect/Specifications Writer: State of California.
1961    Frank Pieretti, CSI
            Specifications Writer: US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento.
1962    George Lionakis, AIA, CSI, CCS
             Architect and Partner: Cox-Liske-Lionakis-Beaumont (Lionakis); first CCS 1978. 
1963    Harold Okholm, AIA, CSI
             Architect: Charles F. Dean, later Satterlee & Tomich.
1964    Anthony P. Schiro, CSI
            Manager: Lath and Plaster Bureau.x
1965    Anthony P. Schiro, CSI
            Only President to serve a 2nd term.
1966    C. Lee Lowry, CSI
             Soils Engineer and Principal: Lowry & Associates.
1967    Jack D. Nopp, AIA, CSI
             Architect and Principal: Caywood & Nopp.
1968    Malcolm "Bud" Mau, AIA, CSI
             Architect: Mau, Barnum and Folsom, and later Mau/Murza..
1969    Roderic Ward, AIA, CSI
            Architect: Caywood, Nopp, Takata, Hansen, and Ward, later Ward-Wolstenholm.
1970    Donald Davison, AIA, CSI
            Architect: Higgins & Davison, (now HMR) and County of Sacramento Authority.
1971    Thomas Wallace, CSI
            Soils Engineer: Wallace Kuhl & Associates 
1972    Norbert J. Havlick, CSI
             Architect Specifier: Dreyfuss & Blackford and later Principal Havlick & Hughes.
1973    Raymond Franceschi, AIA, CSI, CCS
            Architect: Private practitioner; first CCS 1978.
1974    Christopher Delgado, AIA, FCSI, CCS
            Architect: City of Sacramento; later Chief Architect, UC Davis and Med Center.
1975    Donald G. Clark, FCSI, CCS
             Architect: Chief Specifier Office of the State Architect, served as Institute Director.
1976    Leroy Peters, CSI
             Mechanical Engineer: Peters Engineering..
1977    Ronald T. Cantrell, AIA, CSI
            Architect: Private practitioner.
1978    David Darms, AIA, CSI
             Architect: County of Sacramento..
1979    Norbert L. Walery, AIA, CSI
            Architect: State Parks and Recreation, and Office of the State Architect.
1980    Jerry Schroeder, CSI
             Architect - Mau, Mirza, Haidet and Hyde, with Jerry Schroeder (later SH2A).
1981    George Higgins, AIA, CSI
             Architect: Private practitioner (later HMR) also President CVCAIA in 1973.
1982    Harry Nyland, AIA, CSI
            Architect: Private practitioner also President CVCAIA in 1975.
1983    Norma Chapek, CSI
            Contractor: Principal Chapek Construction and first woman President.
1984    Charles Olmstead, CSI
             Architect: Project Manager in Building Design, County of Sacramento.
1985    Tim Maliepaard, CSI, CDT
             Product Representative Vistawall, was 1st Product Rep Chapter President..
1986    Eugene Cottrell, FCSI, CCS
            Specifier: Office of the State Architect, California Youth Authority, Institute Director.
1987    Walter Lynch, CSI
             Hardware Consultant: Capitol Builders Hardware.
1988    Duane Johnson, AIA, FCSI, CDT
            Architect: Comstock Johnson Architects, served as Institute Director.
1989    Ronald Folsom, AIA, CSI
            Architect:  Barnum & Folsom - Started the Chapter's first Golf Tournament..
1990    Barbara Richardson, FCSI
            Product Representative: Basalite, Institute Director and 2 terms as Vice President.
1991    John Petrucelli, AIA, CSI, CCS
            Architect/ Specification Writer: Calpo/Hom/Dong Architects.
1992    Ronald Robinson, CSI
            Product Representative:  Lam Wood Structures.
1993    Gary Tinseth, CSI, CDT
            Contractor: Unger Construction and late with Ascent Builders.
1994    Brian Cournoyer, CSI, CCS
            Architect and Specification Writer: Spink Corporation, served as Institute Director.
1995    Cydney Bender, CSI
            Principal: Stover Co.
1996    Morris Tom Gee, AIA, CSI, CCS
            Architect/Contract Administrator: UCDMed Center - CVCAIA President 2006.
1997    Ethan Newcomb, CSI
            Hardware Consultant: DLR Sales Inc.
1998    Sheryl Dodd-Hansen, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP, Assoc.AIA
            Specifier/Principal: Dodd-Hansen Consulting Group, Institute Vice President

            and Secretary.
1999    Kevin Wilcox, AIA, CSI
            Architect and Principal: Comstock Johnson Architects, Inc.
2000    Beatrice DeFuentes, CSI
            Vice President: National Concrete Group.
2001    Don Mariano, AIA, CSI
            Architect/ Specifier/Principal: Lionakis Beaumont Design Group (Lionakis).
2002    Dennis W. Cole, CSI
            President:  National Concrete Group.
2003    Patrick Derickson, AIA, CSI
            Architect/Principal: Stafford King Wiese Architects.
2004    Don Lambrecht, CSI
            Roofing Consultant: Don Lambrecht & Associates.
2005    Mark Hronicek, CSI, CDT
            Product Representative: Carlisle Roofing.
2006    Catherine Guglielmoni, CSI
            Project Manager: UC Davis Medical Center.
2007    Peter Robinson, CSI, CCS
            Architect and Specification Writer: Lionakis.
2008    Janet Cornelius, CSI
             Architect: County of Sacramento.
2009    Laura Streibich, CSI
            Contract Administrator:  CHD Architects.
2010    Marni Vincent, CSI, CDT, CID, CKD, Assoc.AIA
            Principal, Interior Designer/Space Planner: Design & Build Assistance.
2011    Laura Macaulay, AIA, CSI, CDT
            Architect and Principal: Macaulay + Architects.
2012    Richard (Rick) Gauthier, CSI, CDT
            BIM Manager, Stantec and CSHQA - Instructor at Sierra College.
2013    Barbara Puntillo, CSI
            Product Representative: Arizona Tile.
2014    Mary E. Wallers, CSI, CDT
            Owner/Publisher: Sierra West Group.
2015    Robert Sharman, CSI, CDT
            Product Representative: Rowe Fenestration.
2016    Michael Krug, CSI, CDT, RCI, RRO
            Product Representative: Dura-Last Roofing, Inc.
                                                                    *     *     *