Construction Contract Documents
Construction Specifications Institute (CSI):  
CSI Downloadable Forms
American Institute of Architects (AIA):  
AIA Contract Documents
Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC):  
Consensus Contract Documents
Design Build Institute(DBIA):  
Books and Contract Documents
Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) California:  
Online Construction Documents
Specifications Systems
Building Systems Design, Inc.(BSD):  Now owned by CSI.
SpecLink-E:  Advanced master guide specification system.
LinkMan-E:  Interoperability software that links specifications with the Revit model.
CostLink-AE:  Produces cost estimates on the RS Means model.
ARCOM, Inc.:
MasterSpec: AIA created Master Specification System.
SpecText: CSI created Master Specification System but now limited to

        infrastructure projects and managed and distributed by ARCOM.
SpexPlus, Inc.:  
SpexPlus is a FREE master specification system that uses the proprietary process and can be downloaded from the internet.
InterSpec, Inc.:  Produces
e-SPECS and a number of other specifications based systems.
Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS):  A performance based master specifications used the US Military and NASA that can be downloaded from the internet.

CSI Specification Standards

CSI Section Format and Page Format
CSI GreenFormat:  Product sustainability standards


Access to Building Product Information



BPM Select

Drawing and Modeling Systems
National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) 
buildingSMART Alliance (bSa): Alliance is part of NIBS and is an extension of the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI).  It is also responsible for maintaining the National CAD Standard and the National BIM Standard.
National CAD Standard:  UDS created by CSI maintained by bSa.
National Building Information Modeling Standard (NBIMS) - Version 3: Register for on-line access.
Whole Building Design Guide:  This is the primary link to a lot of useful existing federal standard data and products.   

Architectural Graphic Standards Online: The 12th Edition of the longstanding Architectural reference book is now online and is divided into three sections: Design Principles & Construction Documentation, Materials, and Building Elements.                         

Integrated Project Delivery

AIA/AIACC Document:  “Integrated Project Delivery” Note definition of “Integrated Project Coordinator” at bottom of page 23

Lean Construction Process
Lean Construction Institute 
Last Planner System:  Thesis on which LCI is based.
Lean Glossary:  This glossary is designed to provide a common language for the lean construction community.
Project Production Systems Laboratory (P2SL): University of California connections to the lean construction system.

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) 
Virtual Design and Construction:  Definition

Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE): Home Page - Note the "Mission Statement” at the bottom center of the page......
A Guide to Applying the Principles of Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) to the Lean Project Delivery Process: Stanford University.

Information Management
Knowledge Management ('KM'):  Comprises a range of practices used by organizations to identify, create, represent, and distribute knowledge for reuse, awareness and learning.
ISO/DIS 12006-3:  Building Construction - Organization of Information about Construction Works - Part 3: Framework for Object Oriented Information.

OmniClass:  See CSI "Classification Systems" page.

MasterFormat:  See CSI "Classification Systems" page.
UniFormat:   See CSI "Classification Systems" page - there are however 2 versions:
    The ASTM version is the recognized National Standard via
ASTM E1557 - Standard Classification System for for Building Elements and Related Sitework - UNIFORMAT 2.
    The CSI version of UniFormat that has been adapted to function within the 49 tables of OmniClass and specifically coordinate with MasterFormat.

Other Interesting Programs
FIATECH:  A consortium of leading capital project industry owners, engineering construction contractors and technology suppliers.
Construction Users Roundtable (CURT):  An association advocating aggressive leadership on business issues that promote excellence in the creation of capital assets.
Design Futures Council:  Washington, D.C.-based think tank (and consulting service created by the Greenway Group, Inc.) committed to exploring trends and opportunities in design, architecture, engineering, and building technology for the purpose of fostering innovation and improving the performance of member organizations.
Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE):  The OSCRE Standard enables the electronic transfer of information directly from one system into another.

Knowledge Management Glossary
Authoritative Standard:   A data standard considered the authority for that type of data. It is usually managed by an association that has as its charter sustaining that data.
Harmonization:  Comparison and normalization of two or more similar standards including issues such as scope, specifications, guidance or implementation.

Information Value-Chain:  Information developed around well understood workflows in order to create a collaborative environment.
Roadmaps:  The overall implementation strategy documents from various groups used to set the definition, direction, sequence and usually milestones for an initiative.
Ontology:  A data model that represents a domain and is used to reason about the objects in that domain and the relations between them.
Taxonomy:  A collection of controlled vocabulary terms organized into a hierarchical structure for the construction industry.   CSI is managing this activity in the US.
Workflows:  The identification and diagraming of how and why an exchange of data from one application/party to another is made.    

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